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Having broken pipes or cracked pipes can be a huge problem. Not only are the pipes a problem but fixing them.There is a way we can repair broken and cracked pipes without extensive digging! That means no huge holes as opposed to traditional methods. 

We have a system which we are certified to use called the lateral lining system.

What is it and how does it work?


The perma-lateral system offers the opportunity to repair broken or cracked pipes without extensive digging and disruption to the surrounding area. The flexibility, durability, and viability of the “no-dig” relining and rehabilitation technology has revolutionized pipe repair and servicing. Relining has been used extensively in America for over 20 years, and in Australia for the past 15 years and unlike other repair systems, there is little or no disruption to driveways, established gardens, and landscape, existing buildings, traffic or roading.
As well as less inconvenience to tenants and home-owners. Don’t be convinced by your current plumber to dig up your property. A repair that could have taken days, using the traditional method of dig and replace can now be completed in just hours.

The re-lining process starts with the pipe being cleaned and inspected with a CCTV unit. Then a measurement of the pipe to be re-lined is taken. The liner material is measured and cut on site. The correct amount of resins is measured and mixed and then poured into the liner.

Floor rollers are used to saturate the resins thru the liner. The material is loaded into the inversion unit and launched into the damaged pipe from a single access point. A calibration tube is introduced inside the liner which holds the liner in place for an ambient cure time of just 3 hours. After the cure time, the calibration tube is removed, and the drain is then restored and ready for immediate use.

Don’t excavate, rehabilitate.


Benefits of Perma Lateral Lining

Root intrusion and eliminates weak joints.

Restores structural integrity.

Is durable for a minimum of 50 years, but tests indicate 70 +.

Spans void sections and forms perfectly around multiple bends.

Prevents infiltration and exfiltration because of the liner being jointless.

Pipes look and feel brand new again! Just look at the before and after!

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