Water Filters Hawkes Bay


Here at RJ Plumbing & Drainage, we make sure to use the best products available to ensure healthy and excellent drinking water! That’s why we use Cintropur® Domestic water filters. These filters are very different from ordinary filters! You will be pleasantly surprised at how much water these can handle while maintaining high pressure. Maintenance is very affordable and environmentally friendly this is because only one single filter sleeve needs replacing.

Save on Carbon Filters

With Cintropur you can save on expensive carbon refills!

Better Water

Get better water for your household! 

We do it all for you

We set up the water filter all for you without having to take days

Why should you use a water filter?

If your main objective is to be able to reduce, colour, odours, chemicals, and chlorine, and other organic substances from your water supply, the Cintropur® water filters are perfect! The technology and the high volume of activated carbon and the built-in flow restrictor provides optimal results and maximum contact time to purify your water.

Better Water

The purified water is clean to drink! Remove the gross tasting chlorine taste your water might have

Cheaper than other filters

No more expensive refills on the filter!

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